Sunday, June 17, 2012

mohair and cotton

I guess if I wait until I have really interesting things to share then I might as well delete this blog.
And face it--I've been here (not always all that regularly) for too long to just quit. So I'll keep plugging along and vowing to do better.

I have gotten lots of sewing done--it seems that this part of the state doesn't really have that thing
you might call "Spring". We go from snow to surface of the sun in nothin' flat. This weekend has
been the latter so there's been no real desire to leave the house.

I've been on a dishtowel kick. That happens periodically and they're so satisfying to make. A bit
of applique, pull out the old ruffler foot, and before you know it you've got something cute. Something you're not likely to ever use, but that's okay.*

The last time I got out I met some new friends...yes, I'm still making plans to acquire a few
sheep, but these girls won my heart. They're Angora Goats and they look like goats wearing
sheep suits. With fleecy bloomers which are so stinkin' cute. It's hard to imagine from the photos
of the kinda grubby gals (2 weeks away from shearing) but their fleece looks and feels like silk.
It's got a lustre that is incredible. AND they eat poison oak and star thistles and all the other things
that are annoying to deal with up here. So more critter research is underway...and that includes
getting a DONKEY. I'm excited, yet nervous because I have a feeling a menagerie could be here
before I know it.

I really wanted to finish up that pillow that  I showed over here , but sadly I CAN'T FIND IT.
Seriously. I've lost my monogrammed, hand embroidered linen pillow. I know it's in this room
someplace and I also know I can't blame anyone but myself. So hopefully those of you who expressed an interest in the pattern will not give up on me. At least not before I do.

*The chickens are from my Petaluma pattern...I just reduced the size a bit.  The coffee cups are from this pattern and I left them full size. If you would like to make your own, there's a tutorial on my sidebar--the pears towel? All my towels are made the same way--just the applique and embellishments vary.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back!!! Cute towels! Nurse Payne

10:06 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth and Gary said...

Hi Elizabeth,
Oh my goodness these are the cutest towels ever!!!! I love them.
Just last weekend we drove to NV for the day Topaz Lake area and Smith Valley to visit my Auntie.
Have a sweet day,

1:22 PM  

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