Thursday, March 01, 2012

bad blogger

Okay, so much for my blogging resolve. Do you want to hear my excuses? Nah, neither do I.

I'm not going to talk about's a bit of a sore subject these days (pun intended) but how cool is this? My brother got this for me from a local antique shop. He figured I just might need it.

I do love getting comments...and Mascanlon shamed me into tearing the twill tape off my tower and jelly roll of Papillon...and she's right. Just like a bandaid, it only hurts for a moment. Now I have wonderful whole pieces of fabric to agonize over. I ordered border fabrics from the best mail order place ever*...and as soon as those arrive I'll get cracking on my new version of At Home. I'm tempted to do a version of one of Pam's quilts as well. I just love Papillon and it's even more fun to throw in a few strips that aren't from the collection...seems to make the projects look older. I mean that in the good way, of course.

What else have I been doing? Well, among other things, trying crochet again. With my new favorite color. Found a book called "2 Hour Dishcloths" and I have to say that the one thing I DO know is that I'll never give a quilt pattern a name which implies how long it should take a person to complete the project. Because 2 hours? Excuse me? I guess I'm totally lame because I've spent 2 hours on the first 10 rows.

Continuing the kitchen theme, I'm back to one of my true sewing project loves--dish towels. Here I've used my new favorite fabric--Osnaburg. It looks so much like linen but is a fraction of the price and is 100% cotton.

Time to get back to work--I have fabric bits to cut out. I've been neglecting blogs and have missed keeping up with Pam's...and now that I'm caught up I'm really eager to make a bunch of those granny square blocks...while dreaming of having a flock of mini-sheep of my own. Of course up here they'd be little puffy hors d'oeuvres for the local wildlife. But a girl can dream.

*Fat Quarter Shop could not be more different from another well known online store...who takes your order, sends you a confirmation telling you that they may or may not actually have what you ordered and then you never hear another peep outta them. Grrr.


Blogger Bari Jo said...

I totally agree with you about FQS! I love your dish towels and crochet!!! :o)

6:59 PM  
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I look forward to your new At Home. Kathie L in Allentown

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