Thursday, May 31, 2007

At the Shop

While I no longer officially work at In Between Stitches, it's still my very favorite quilt shop and a great place to hang out. And buy stuff.

So yesterday I get a message from Pam that she'd like a bit of assistance picking out some fabric. Yeah, right. Like she needs any help in that area. But if Pam needs me, I drop everything! As Pam mentioned on her blog, she has decided to make Late Bloomer Quilts new "R is for Rose" quilt. In gorgeous reds and creams. It's always so great to see a design in a totally different style of fabric. Here's the original quilt:

In case Pam hasn't introduced you yet, meet Carol! She was there since it was Wednesday, and that's the day Carol checks up on Pam. Carol is a terrific customer and a terrific quilter. And she's fun, too!

She and Pam were figuring out fabrics for a table runner that I'm sure Carol is working on while I type this. She chose Late Bloomer Quilts new design "Cottage Christmas" and had already begun to make candy cane ornaments from the pattern. How SMART Carol is to get a head start on Christmas!

Well, poor Carol. Next thing you know, she's being browbeaten to start ANOTHER Late Bloomer Quilts project!

As if she doesn't have enough of them already!
So Carol began selecting the fabrics for the new wall hanging "Follow Your Heart".

Pam did take pity on her and found a way to incorporate blue (Carol's favorite color) into the quilt.
I'm pretty sure Carol left the shop happy...we told her she needed to get cracking on all projects right away so we'd have photos to share...and since she doesn't have a computer, we know she doesn't spend all her time blogging.

Now you've seen 3 of my new patterns...they really are available, they just aren't on my website yet. Shops can order them thru United Notions, or they can be ordered directly from me. Any questions? My email is

And finally...

Here's to you, Carol, you're the best!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally a peek at the new patterns! I have been wondering when they would show up. I'll have to stop by the sop and check them all out. I love the Christams stuff!

2:05 PM  
Blogger PamKittyMorning said...

Carol is a good sport.

4:11 PM  
Blogger Happy Zombie said...

What a feast!!! Oh E, you create such yummy things. I want it all! Follow Your Heart is just TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! I'll wait for a kit because I want to order it from your website.

Waiting will be so hard... but so worth it!

4:14 PM  
Blogger The Chicken Lady said...

Poor Carol! Oh well, I guess we can't feel too sorry for her now having all that yummy fabric and incredible patterns! :)

7:31 AM  

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