Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bloomin' good stuff

Maybe a shrub along the back fence doesn't really count, but it's in bloom so into the house it goes. Spring really will be coming soon!

I'm so glad Pam posted those shots of the quilt shop in Pismo Beach. Not sure how
anyone can get much done down there what with the OCEAN right down the street and all.

I did pick up a few pieces of red/white for an idea that was brewing but when then I had the opportunity to get ahold of some of Alex's new fabrics so I'm busy with those. I've always loved all of her "Romance" lines and this new one is no exception.

Anyway...I did pick up a super cool book down there and wanted to share it with you just in case you haven't grabbed a copy yourself. Doesn't this sound like fun? I can't wait for warmer weather so I can make a bunch of floorcloths for various rooms around here. While I am partial to C&T books (hmmm...) I have to say the instructions look very thorough and you aren't limited to the author's designs. I can't wait to make a custom floorcloth for my kitchen!

When Pam and I went to the Quilter's Inn yesterday I picked up a few 1/4s of some lovely pastels...including a darling piece from Urban Chik's "Swell" line. Pam isn't the only one who knows the Urban Chiks!
I'm in love with Sandy Klop's pattern called "Merry-Go-Round Quilt" and have this fantasy that I'll find the time to make one for my bed...that probably won't happen, but it's so much fun to pick up pretty 1/4 yards for it anyway.

Hope everyone's having a great week!


Blogger PamKittyMorning said...

Darn blogger ate my comment. Greedy little...

Well I digress. We had fun on our adventures.. love the bird and all the pretty fabrics. Now its nose to the grindstone time.. for a while anyway.

12:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been eyeing of that floorcloth book for a while. Can't wait to see what you make. I wonder if what they are finished/protected with is available in Australia.

1:33 PM  
Blogger little acorns said...

Sweet sweet pastels!!! Love 'em! . . . & I agree about Alex's 'Romance' lines. . . I still have some that I treasure in my stash! I can't wait to see the new line, & what you will do with it!
I saw one of the floorcloths from the book at market & got the book too. It's like having quilts on the floor - but ones you can walk on! (So much to do. . . so that's why we 'collect' books!)
xo, Bren
(p.s. - Love your little birdie vase!)

2:40 PM  
Blogger Sharon at American Harvest said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Elizabeth. I love the pastel 1/4's cloth, but you know how I feel about pastel colors. Hope that you have a great day!

2:37 PM  
Blogger Thimbleanna said...

Fun stuff. I want to see some floor cloths -- that sounds like a great project!

9:40 PM  

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