Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Let's try this again...

You know how it goes...sometimes there's nothing to write about, so you don't. Then sometimes there IS something to write about, but it's too dark to take a photo, so you don't. Then the thing you want to write about disappears under a pile of fabric. Then you don't have internet for a couple of days because of this wonderful thing called "satellite internet" which sounds so very Jetson's and works about as well as something George himself might have come up with.

Next thing you know, another month has gone by.

So what has happened in the last month? Well, snow, for one thing. Lots of snow. To me, anyway. Got to shovel it, eat it, frolic in it (of course!) and even DRIVE in it. Yikes.

But I think that's about over now. Which means ski season is over. Kinda bittersweet really. I had some wonderful days and some really really super awful ones. But I'm glad that I can say I know how to ski. Well, sort of. My goal next year is to make it onto at least the easiest of the intermediate runs. Pretty sure I can do that, too. Here's a photo from one of the particularly good days:

Everything is waking up and leafing out and spraying pollen everywhere. Which would be 100% delightful if breathing wasn't something I like to do.

I'm itching (literally) to get busy with the garden, but around here the rule is "No planting until after Frog Jump!" and you know what? I know what that means...

So the back still has white on it but it's of the wildflower variety.

Cat wanted to know what I was so busy looking at this morning but clearly he's not impressed.

But what about quilting? And sewing? And all that good stuff? Of course that's been going on. At Home is still not finished; in fact I'm not sure where all the parts are
at the moment. One of the wide border strips has been sewn on. And I just got the backing fabric in the mail so I guess I better start digging.

I also have a new BOM coming out for Spring Market. Not the usual huge group of patterns as in the past, but I think this is cute and hope you'll like it. More when I can show something.

How about embroidery? Do any of you enjoy that? I really got a craving to sit and stitch awhile back so designed this monogrammed piece. Stitched it with outline stich on linen which I purchased with a Joann's coupon, but it would also be nice on osnaberg or any other lineny looking fabric. I'll be turning it into a pillow some one of these days and if there's any interest, I might just pattern it up.

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