Monday, July 26, 2010

need a little project?

How about a darling belt? One of the great things about Twitter is how quickly and easily you find people who also love to make stuff. And who enjoy posting tutorials. That's how I found Mauby's...and her instructions to make this belt.

Seriously. Took me way longer to pick out the squares than it did to make the actual belt.

I used my pieces of Lecien's "Spaicy Scrap" collection for my first belt. There will be more.

That's Miss Dummy modeling my favorite tshirt. It's pretty boring but so comfortable. Looks better with some accessories.

Yeah, I know...tacky of me to post a pic of my backside, but I really love the way that fabric cut up.

I know you were expecting Red Rose Farm news, and I can't disappoint. I got my sample yardage on Friday!! You probably heard me screaming. I've already pieced the top for the free pattern that will be available thru P&B Textiles, but so far can't bring myself to chop off the big pieces necessary for the backing.

Something else happened that was awfully exciting...seeing my fabric online! If you're interested in being notified as soon as Red Rose Farm is available, Fat Quarter Shop will let you know over here. And you know how great their customer service is.

More soon!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

pretty proud of myself

So last Friday was Pam's birthday. I knew she'd be out having fun with her family so figured that gave me some extra time to do some birthday sewing.

I've mentioned in the past how Pam is the absolute ultimate gift-giver. She has such a knack for finding the most perfect presents. Yes, I admit I enjoy her talents--I've received some pretty amazing things over the years. But you know, it's also a little bit stressful because it's awfully hard to measure up to that.

A few weeks back I was in Sonora for the day with my husband. Walked past a shop that to be honest I've never been able to find anything in. Did a classic double take when I saw what was near the door. A vintage toy refrigerator. With a decal of a kitty on it. And little shelves inside--perfect for storing tiny treasures. I dashed inside--I mean yeah, what are the odds that someone else would want to snap that up, but I HAD TO HAVE IT. And it's in Pam's colors.

A week or so after that, when I was at this store, I found some fabric that would be perfect for Pam. I thought about just buying her a yard of it, but then decided that would just put pressure on her to make something so why not make something for her myself. I'm still waiting on Red Rose Farm to arrive so that seemed the best solution.

But what to make?

I decided it would be nice if she had some soft, packable slippers to take to Market. I'm still haunted by the blisters she got a few markets back so that became my plan.
I used this slipper pattern. She loves red gingham so that was an easy choice to bind them. Those are vintage buttons, too. Well, slippers just don't take that much fabric. At least not for Pam's feet.

That left quite a bit left over so I decided I should make her a bag to carry the slippers in. I love Kay's patterns and used this one.

Couldn't wait to give her the presents! Finally got to do that today when she was over here to help with a top secret photo shoot. (Insert diabolical grin here!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

what's going on

So what have I been doing besides waiting by the door for Red Rose Farm?

I've gotten some sewing done...Joanna's palette works very well in my living room and I decided to just dive in and get some Figgy stuff going.

This is a version of this pattern that I've been working on for a long time. Seems queen sized quilts are just not my thing. But it's turning out sooo pretty and I've done all the some one of these days (when it's cooler) I'll force myself to just get the top DONE. After all--I just painted my bedroom with this quilt in mind.

Got this book in the mail the other day. I love Kay's patterns and this book is amazing. Seriously. Can't decide which garment to make first. Well, that's not true. I love these designs so much I think I will follow Kay's directions and make a muslin first because I know I'm gonna want to use these patterns again and again!

Sorry, but I can't just ignore Red Rose Farm...I've got a delicious pile of Cosmo floss ready to go. And as I'm sure you've heard, once you've tried Cosmo, you will not want to go back to that other brand.

And look at these handles! Got them at Prairie Queens in San Jose.

Finally, and this isn't news if you've already clicked my link above, I have a NEW website! It's super cool and so much more useful than my old one. Gone are the days of having to mail in your order. It's awesome so keep checking back--and get on the mailing list. I've now got the ability to put kits, fabric, and other goodies on there for you.

Oh and P.S. Thanks to Pam for loading my new blog banner and getting my blog all updated and pretty. She's the BEST. But you knew that already.

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