Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Fall Quilt Market was awesomely wonderful--only downside is that I woke up this morning feeling about 90--so there's an aging process connected to the event that I'm finding a bit disturbing.
I still stink at taking pictures, but hopefully between Pam and all the other bloggers out there you'll get a real sense of what the place was like.

We started by picking up our rental car and then off we went to see what we could find. Like lunch. Pam is (almost) always the driver and she has an amazing sense of direction. Unlike me, who is lucky to find my way home from the grocery store. So it was quite upsetting when Pam couldn't quite remember where Guadalajara (the restaurant, not the city) was located. So I focused all my energy on their queso sauce and led us right to the place. It was like magic.
As were their enchiladas. Which I did photograph but also like magic, they seem to have disappeared from my camera.

Had to get back in time for Sample Spree. You know, to sneak into Sample Spree. Which I've previously discussed my aversion to doing. So how lucky was it that we were asked to help lug about a bazillion pounds of adorable LakeHouse charm packs to the ballroom? So we got in early. Legitimately, which I really appreciated. Swore I wouldn't buy any moda, but the "swell" Urban Chiks bag (more on them later!) made me change my mind. Plus "Simplicity" by 3 Sisters is soooo beautiful. Then we stopped at the Lecien table for a gorgeous bundle of their fat quarters. Then back to LakeHouse where even though I've already made 3 quilts and multiple bags (more on THAT later, too!) I still had to buy 3 charm packs. Holly is some kind of marketing genius.

OK, so now we'll skip to the first official morning. Had to stop by Jackie and Tamara's booth first thing. Here I am with Jackie (look at her outfit!!)

We LOVE those two! Jackie Clark has one of those booths you just want to move into. And every day she's wearing some adorable vintage/crochet outfit that just makes you want to cry. Luckily she and her sister Tamara are as nice as can be and didn't seem to mind when we kept showing up.
Here's Pam with Tamara--the crochet twins. Tamara does the most amazing crochet work I've ever seen and Pam's pretty darn good at it too. Again, more on that later.

On our way back to our booth (which I somehow managed to never really take pics of) we stopped by the Checker Distributors booth. Something looked a bit familiar there!

More quilts, more people and more FOOD coming soon!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Happy Monday!

Just a quick know, before I forget who I am. Here's a tiny explanation of what Pam's talking about...and LakeHouse fabric tea dyes quite nicely...wonder if Holly knows this...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Am I...

I feel like I've been living in a cave. Just me and my sewing machine. Well, the washer and dryer are keeping me company, too.
I MISS BLOGGING. I miss posting and I really miss hopping from blog to blog checking in on what everyone's doing. I haven't been able to read a single blog in over a week. I don't even know what Pam's been saying!
I really, really, really want to thank all of you who leave comments. It makes me feel a little less like a cave dweller...knowing that you all are out there!
Quilt Market prep is taking all of my time. As in 14 hours a day. In 2 weeks it'll all be over and I'm not even close to being ready.

But I really do feel lucky. Pam brought over friendship bread starter awhile back...that she received via Monica. That's what was in the bag up there. And yes, it was put on my cutting table--the only place where I'd be sure to see it.

Only thing is, I was afraid that I'd totally neglect that bag of goo and it would explode all over my kitchen if I left it alone too long. Not that anyone in my house would notice batter streaming down the walls. Except perhaps the dogs.

So I have to admit I gave the starter to my dad...who has a bit more time for that sort of thing. And I learned this morning that the bread was in the oven. With MORE CINNAMON. He seemed a bit miffed at what the recipe called for. And then he tells me that one of the loaves is mine. Can't wait to go collect it!

So that's a lucky thing. Sweet, cinnamony bread that has come from the kitchens of 3 special people!

Boxes of stuff are on their way to Houston...Quilter Extraordinaire Diana has the last of the quilts...Pam will be helping out more tomorrow...all lucky stuff.

And it seems the least I can do is show a couple more sneak peeks...this guy now has eyes and legs...

Remember the pink and aqua Christmas quilt? Well, here's part of it. Complete with vintage crochet trim I picked up while antiquing with Pam awhile back.

I promise a super-cool sneak peek really soon...before everything's on its way to Houston.
So yeah, I'd have to say I'm lucky...but I sure miss you all!

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Just wondering...

Is there anything sweeter than polka dots and cherries?

I don't think so, either!

Monday, October 01, 2007


Sorry, I know I promised the drawing at the end of the week. Did I say which week? Hmmm. Maybe I can wriggle out of this. Or maybe you just all totally understand that with Quilt Market coming up I don't know one day from the next.

Before we get started, I would like to address certain ladies who commented on this's a darn good thing I don't let the pigs near my computer because what would they think if they read that some of you were offering bribes? Actually, I fear they'd be sending out self-addressed stamped envelopes in the hope that you'd be mailing them carrots. Peeled, baby carrots.

I decided that we needed a more Halloween-ish looking pig for this drawing. What with the theme and all. So here's Jack. Not much is ever expected of Jack, he's very sweet, but very,"special". And we love him very much. Hope he can handle this awesome responsibility.

Apparently Jack is just as big a fan of bits of paper as his cousin Compton. Which is awesome because this means we could possibly be finished here before he leaves any "gifts" on my cute fabric.

And we know he's impartial, 'cause how on earth could he have read the paper with all that hair in his eyes.

So congratulations to Vicky! Who according to her comment seemed to think she wouldn't win...Jack says otherwise!
Vicky, please email your address to me at and I'll get your banner in the mail right away.

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