Monday, November 17, 2008

The real question..

What happens when Quilt Market is over?
It's a tradition that after the booth has been dismantled we head on over to Jax Grill to enjoy the meal we've been discussing since we landed in Houston. I highly recommend that you go, but only if you enjoy things like...
Amazing chicken salad...

The tenderest chicken fried chicken with cream gravy...

And the finest cheese fries on the planet!

Be sure and tell Laura the manager that we sent you! Isn't she adorable? She sent us home with Jax caps to wear with pride.

Pam and I had an extra day, so we headed off to explore some of the cooler parts of Houston. We both love charming old houses and Houston has much to offer in that department. We did have a bit of a dispute, however, since apparently the word "charming" means different things to different people. Thank goodness a compromise was reached--Pam took me to the house I was determined to see but she refused to get out of the car.

And here we are! What? You aren't familiar with the Beer Can House? Well here's a link so you can get caught up properly.
The morning sunlight did not cooperate with my picture taking, so you really can't get a sense of the artistry at work here. Or the delicate tinkling sound...pure magic, I tell you!

Next stop?

My sister in law Julie had driven us through part of this area last year after our Jax dinner and Pam and I vowed to return. Here there are many cottages whose charm we both agree on.
I'll take this one...

or maybe this one...

A cottage on Cottage Street? Yes, please!

We had a light lunch at a wonderful little cafe--as you can see, they had the one thing to make Pam really happy.

So we're driving along the residential streets, enjoying the scenery, when Pam becomes aware of a woman coming up behind us at an alarming rate of speed. A fellow Californian, perhaps? Regardless, Pam felt the need to pull into the next available driveway. It's fate!! Thank you, Rude Driver!! Look what we've found!!

Of course the only problem is that we really can't bring much home with us. Airlines are so picky about their overhead bin rules.
I did pick up a wonderful vintage children's book and received assurances that shipping is a know, like for this 1920's light fixture?

The prettiest light fixture in the history of light fixtures! I've figured out a spot for it (of course the spot has no actual wiring, but man, that light would look great there) but I'm scared to call and see if it's still available.

Anyway, time to clear my head and explore the outside. Hey, do you suppose they carry

Why, yes, I believe they do!

And statuary and all sorts of other necessities.
Here's Pam making sure she can see a route out of here.

Next stop, downtown!

Where art cars and art scooters reign supreme.

What a great day--and now it's time to come home.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Late again...

It's obvious you really can't count on me to take care of a drawing on a timely basis. I do have lots of excuses, would you like to hear them? No? How about just a couple of them...
Unless you also happen to live in a home that is filled with MEN, a dog, a cat, and 3 guinea pigs, you really can't imagine what my house looked like when I got home from Market.

We also have a new family member! She's been taking up a lot of my time because it turns out that when I go find a girl to bring home, I'm only attracted to the neurotic ones. But more on that later.

Anyhoo, Rosie and I decided that it's Jack's turn to pick the winners. He'd been living with his mom for the last few months, so he's out of practice.

I don't think he's feeling too motivated.

Maybe I should set the mood.

Wow. 90 entries? Are you kidding me?

OK, time to dig in.

And dig in again.

And so I need to hear from the following slightly frayed winners: Joanna and Amanda!

Please email me with your address and if you go to my website, let me know which 2 of the patterns marked "NEW" you'd like me to send along with your other goodies.


Monday, November 03, 2008

Quilt Market--cool stuff and free stuff!

Most of our Market wanderings consist of visiting friends and checking out cool booths--you know, to see fabric and of course quilts!

So I'm strolling along one of the main aisles and I did a complete double take when passing the Kangaroo Kabinets booth. I already have a perfectly serviceable sewing cabinet. And to be honest, that sort of furniture really doesn't get my heart racing. But that was before I met "Olivia".
Insert heavy sigh here. Isn't this the cutest sewing machine cabinet in the history of sewing machine cabinets? Why yes, it is. Olivia comes in that adorable green or in white. I'm trying very hard to justify the purchase of an Olivia--I truly believe I could make cuter quilts with her help.

Here's a quilt I recognize! It's called "Vintage Delight" and is hanging in the Lecien booth...I designed it out of their always gorgeous Durham Quilt Collection fabrics and you can find the free pattern on their website.

Speaking of about a give-away? Moda Home always has a nifty freebie and this time was no exception. How cute is this teatowel calendar?? I just so happen to have a couple of spares courtesy of my good friends the URBAN CHIKS. Maybe you've heard that Pam and I know the Urban Chiks??
Well we do, and their new line "Sweet" is so wonderful I can hardly stand it.

What's that pink and white package? That's a product called "Lickety Grip". It's stuff you put on your fingers to help you grip fabric. It's great for sewing, quilting and even for helping you keep your bra straps up. I was given a demonstration of the product and I was impressed. Non toxic, non greasy, and best of all, no smell.

So maybe you'd like to try it? about we round out the giveaway with a couple of new Late Bloomer Quilts patterns?

OK, you all know the drill...leave a comment and I'll pull a name (or 2) this weekend!

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