Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Quilty Day

Even thought I'm still in Market Panic Mode, I got to take a break from all of that to teach the second part of a Charming Tulips class at In Between Stitches today. The class had quite a bit of homework to do over the last 2 weeks (that means piece the entire top) and all but 2 got that done. I was impressed!
One of the things that's great about a class like this is getting to see other quilters' fabric choices. As a pattern designer, the more the students' quilts differ from mine, the more fun it is for me. And this group of ladies did not disappoint. Please forgive the fact that a couple of these pics are sideways...I'll do better next time--I promise!

Here's Gail's top--she combined Moda's Old Fashioned Charm with other prints and batiks. All of Gail was originally in this photo, but sadly I caught her mid-talk, and it didn't seem right to post a DMV-worthy shot of Gail.

Kaye was going with a cheery Spring look--similar to my quilt but brighter. It's going to be lovely when she finishes.

Sara chose the new April Cornell line and the yellows and blues are so pretty.

Virginia, posing with her quilt top, was having a great time!

She'd never done any applique before and had a real vision for her quilt--it was planned to go in a specific place in her home. She'd seemed a bit uncomfortable in the first class--because her colors and block arrangement were so very different from everyone else's. Look how cool her tulips are! The swirly petals were my favorite.

So that was all fun...but I was anxious to get back because WOW is there ever a lot of work left to be done in the next few days. And look what I found when I got home!!

My little girl came through for me! That level of gumption tells me that she must indeed be Mimi's sister! So what could I do but give her a name right then and there. So this is Sophie. I suggested "Sew-phie" but she did not seem to appreciate my lame humor. So Mimi? What do you think of your sister?

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

More Help Arrives!

Everyone knows Mimi, right? She's the amazing little Hello Kitty machine who lives with Monica and has traveled the world, met lots of "interesting" people and has even made her first quilt.
But what many of you don't know is that on the same day Monica ordered Mimi, I also ordered a Hello Kitty machine. Unlike Mimi, mine came straight to my house and has been perched behind me while I've been preparing for Market. My little girl really doesn't have a name...until now she's been content to sit quietly, doing nothing more than collecting a bit of dust. Well, apparently she's got a bit of a competitive streak going because this morning I found her balanced rather precariously on top of my mound of fabric that needs to become quilt booth drapes ASAP. So if Mimi can make a quilt, A SMALL QUILT (I'm being corrected by a little voice behind me) this little gal can deal with 12 yards of 120" muslin.

I can't wait to see how this plays out...

The prettiest tote bag EVER

And it's mine! All ready to go to Salt Lake City to become filled to the ruffly brim with goodies.
Check out the label Pam added...

As you can see, it's an OFFICIAL PamKittyMorning bag, complete with tag. Tho you have to look inside the bag to find it.
I think the bag Pam made for herself is the most darling bag ever, but mine's the prettiest. Although if you dash over to Sandy's and check out the bags she's made from the same pattern, hers are awfully pretty too.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

It's that kind of day

Rosie has the right idea. It certainly is tempting to go roll around on the grass for awhile because THINGS GOT ACCOMPLISHED TODAY. And that feels sooooo good. Is this yet ANOTHER post about Quilt Market?
Sorry, but yes, it is.
Because life IS Quilt Market right now.

Pam came over first thing this morning with tripod (and coffee) in hand to get some photos taken care of. I should have considered how difficult it would be to get a good shot of a predominantly WHITE quilt with a WHITE tree and WHITE ornaments, but I can't make things too easy for Pam now, can I? Pam is a terrific photographer and takes care of my smaller projects. My large quilts go to Gregory Case and he does a super job with those. Of course he's now the Official Photographer for The Quilt Show so I'm grateful he had the time to take some pics for me.

So it's time to get back to work...there's still TONS to be accomplished in the next 2 weeks and I'm insanely far behind.
But I'll leave you with a couple of shots from my backyard...I love it when the roses start to bloom.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Can I play too?

Everyone's playing tag these days...I'm so happy I get to join in! Couldn't believe it when I found out that Bren tagged me...our local quilt shop
carries lots of her patterns and they're all beautiful. Like I wish I could make them all. I'd also heard how NICE Bren is and that's sure true! Our booths were back to back last fall and it was awesome to get to know her! And of course her blog is wonderful.

So now I get to list my 5 favorites...that would normally be pretty hard, since as we all know, one great blog leads to another click then another and pretty soon HOURS have passed...

These days there's pretty much only one thing I do. Regular readers should be really glad when quilt market is over so you don't have to hear about it anymore...

Since my time is so limited, I really haven't been spending time in blogworld. So this makes my picks super easy 'cause I'll just tell you where I ALWAYS go, even if I only have a couple minutes. Places where I can look at stuff, sigh (or hyperventilate) and go back to sewing.

First of all, yeah, I HAVE to tag Pam. If she can tag me, I certainly can tag her right back. I wouldn't have a blog without her. Didn't know what a blog WAS without her. Wouldn't be able to get my stuff to market without her. She's an even better friend than you've been led to believe. She's absolutely THE BEST. And puts up with a lot from me. YOU HAVE NO IDEA. Even tho I'm often given a heads up on what she'll be posting, I still have to see for myself.

Another already-tagged person is Barbara Brandeburg. I own practically every quilt book she ever produced as well as her patterns. I started doing blanket stitching because of Barbara. Bought my first Bernina because of Barbara since man, does it ever take a long time to do that applique by hand! I haven't met her (yet) but have to always check in even if for a moment since she's such a constant in my quilt life. I can't wait to see what new stuff she's got up her very talented sleeve.

Finally, I always check on these 3...Turkeyfeathers
Love Vicki's style, love the photos and love how there are so many beautiful things to see. And gotta love her little quilts...

is a great place for a quick dose of gorgeous English charm. AND ROSES.

Another source for eye candy (and house-envy) would be CherryHillCottage. In fact, that quilt my dove's sitting on? I think it would be perfect in Tina's house.

I can't wait for things to settle down so I can go back to losing myself in blogland...there are so many incredibly talented people out there--and it's such an amazing thing to be able to check in on them all the time. It's also been so special everytime I see that someone's checked in with me! You are all so sweet and I really appreciate that you drop by...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

More of the same

I'm so sorry! I never in a million years thought anyone would actually drop by to read my blog, so I had no idea how much pressure there would be to come up with stuff to say. And to show you.
I've gotten such SUPER SWEET comments lately and feel like a real snot since I haven't had time to acknowledge most of them.
My ENTIRE LIFE has been consumed by quilting lately. Pam feels I need to have a talk with the Late Bloomer Quilts Human Resources Dept--because I'm working myself way too hard. It's been 12-14 hour days. BUT, it is time spent doing what I love so I should stop complaining. BUT I CAN'T. I'm tired!!

My husband noticed the other day that I've flattened out all the padding on my sewing chair. Now I'm not exactly petite, but geeze. It looks like an ELEPHANT has been camped out on the thing. Guess that's what happens when you live in front of your sewing machine.

We took my Good Bernina in to be repaired on Saturday...and you can't just drop your machine off without looking around can you? Of course not!! And when the Helpful Salesperson just happens to mention that there's a floor model for a super discounted price it would be rude to just blow her off, right? Of course! So yeah, I now have a new machine. And my Other Bernina was brought in as a trade. I'm sure it will make someone very happy--it's a good machine and never deserved the title "Crappy".

So it seems the least I can do for all your kindness for continuing to drop by my rather one-dimensional blog, here's an actual photo of the WHOLE QUILT that you've seen bits of (hi, Marlene!!). It will officially debut at Spring Market, but here it is.

Oh, and more lady banks roses 'cause aren't they just the prettiest little things?

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