Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More market pretties

Gotta keep moving--haven't even discussed the most amazing antique store EVER...or more food, or the let's keep going!

There are some booths at Market that are just so lovely you have to keep going back to them. And stare into them seemingly for hours. Tanya's booth was total heaven for me this time around. I took pictures with my camera. I took pictures with my phone. I TOTALLY STALKED THAT BOOTH.
I saw Tanya a couple of times, but I don't think it was ever in her booth. Which confused me. How could she leave it????

Don't get me wrong. You could find worse places to be than at the Late Bloomer booth. From my preferred seating (in the back corner--where I'm happiest) I could look at Pam's new bags. She has 2 new ones--a quilted bag which uses charm squares and I especially love the tote bag. Anything with ruffled goodness, you know. I made several of them and that's what I love the most--she always designs bags that 3-D challenged people such as myself can easily make.

Hard to decide which of those totes I like the best. I love gingham...and diagonal print gingham especially. That particular piece, in case you don't recognize it, is by our friends the Urban Chiks! Pam and I can always count on them.

That bag is now living in Norway. How cool is that! Literally, I'm sure.

OK, next up? Antiques. And food. And stuff.

Monday, May 26, 2008

A People Post!

I have to keep going on this...there's so much more to share and there's POST Market stuff to get to as well!

One of the great things about Market is seeing people you only get to see twice a year...and the fun of meeting new people to look for next time.

One of my new patterns, "Winter Charms", uses the "Winter" fabric line by Minick and Simpson for Moda. How exciting to have Laurie Simpson come into the booth and admire it! I just love their fabrics.

Jackie Clark stopped by...she didn't have a booth this time so Pam and I will have to wait for Houston to swoon over her lovely stuff. She's a wonderful, warm person and her fabrics and patterns are all so beautiful.

Speaking of favorite gals going without a booth this time...Tammy Tadd and Sherry! We got to have a delicious dinner with them (with MANY funny stories) and Tammy brought us such lovely goodies, which will have to be covered in another post--they're still buried up in the studio.

Cyndi Walker of Stitch Studios did have a booth...and a wonderful new book! It's called Spotlight on Scraps and it's full of awesomely darling projects. Nothing like giving her a little pressure. "SIGN MY BOOK WITH SOMETHING HEARTFELT WHILE I STAND HERE AND WAIT".

I really hate to post this next pic, but Kay is one of my favorites! She designs the most DARLING garments--and those fancy jackets are all based on a sweatshirt. She's amazingly talented and so super sweet...but look at that picture. My freaking hand is about as big as her head.

Just tip your head to the side and admire those cute outfits!

Still more to come--please bear with me!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Near brush with fame

So Pam and I are leaving Market...and we see that our bridge is closed. You know, OUR bridge. The one that leads us to the only way we know back to our hotel.

As has been mentioned before, "Pam" is "map" spelled backwards and once again I was grateful that she was doing the driving.

We make it back to our street, and we see something going on. Something political.What could it be? Every side street was blocked with a motorcycle officer...

Once at the hotel, we didn't feel it would be prudent to double park right in front of one of the aforementioned officers, so I convinced Pam that it would be best to loop back around and try to figure out what was going on.

For some reason it didn't matter who the politician was, it was exciting to be so close to an official motorcade. At least I felt that way. Pam was a little more concerned about getting us safely back to our hotel.

Turns out it was an Obama event, so once back to the room I celebrated my new feeling of Obama-mania with a 100 calorie Snowpuff.

We found out the next morning that Bill and Chelsea had spent the night in our hotel. I'll assume the a/c worked for them (it was a problem a lot of folks had) and I bet their tvs were visible from their beds (ours jutted out oddly into the middle of the room.) However, I'm sure if they had brought their own snacks, they couldn't have been more tastefully arranged by housekeeping than ours were.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Good grief, I've got to get caught up...Pam's already in Oregon!

We stopped for gas in Springfield and have to say, that whole you-can't-pump-your-own-gas thing they've got going is pretty nice.
Oregon also really likes their one way streets, which had us grumbling a bit, but that's also how we found Ruthie B's!

Sorry for the slanted pic, but Pam was On the Move--probably afraid I'd leap out of the moving car to run in and buy more stuff.

It's a challenge to only buy tiny things--and yeah, the pink basket wasn't exactly small, but looked so pretty in the booth filled with yellow snapdragons.

And the vintage basket I got held most of my breakable buys, so that made it practical, right?

More to come--I haven't even gotten to Portland yet!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

We're baaack!

I know Quilt Market has been pretty thoroughly covered on many other blogs, but Pam and I just got home so we've got lots to report. I assume she got home...haven't heard from her since she dropped me off last night, but after spending 8 straight days with me, she may be under her bed whimpering. Who knows.

So we left last Wednesday, which seems like soooo long ago.

Started pretty early, too!

It was daylight by the time we got to Shasta Lake--what a lovely area.

And it's just not spring quilt market time without snow! At least this time we didn't have to drive through it.

Looked around a bit in Dunsmuir...and discovered that Pam has a darling place in the mountains. Who knew?

Tough to find a place to eat...and I do believe we should have kept looking. Here's our breakfast being prepared at one of those fun retro diners. Every item in the place was covered with a nice film of retro grease, but we lived to tell about it, and that's the important thing, right?

Well, there's lots more to tell, with actual quilty pics and antique shop tales...but I still haven't unpacked and my guys so thoughtfully have left me with MUCH to do. More soon!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Happy Monday!

It was certainly a beautiful weekend to be working nonstop in the studio! Seriously. It looked so nice outside that I decided to let Melvin enjoy it as well. Presley loaned out his basket and Melvin had a blast.

If you do any of your own machine quilting, you may already know about this product, but if not, you SO should! It's by Quilting Made Easy and you just stick the papers on your quilt with the adhesive strips, and just quilt right on the lines. The motifs are super easy to adjust to the exact size you need and the paper peels right off. I love the stuff.

This week is total crunch time--so much left to do!
Have a great week, everyone!

Oh and P.S.: A big thank you to Alicia for sending the link to another wonderful place to view piggies...because Jack, Louie, Compton, Turbo and Melvin are not enough! Not to mention that apparently now I need to be sewing little pig outfits...

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