Friday, May 29, 2009


If you haven't yet heard about this exciting new website, you need to hop on over and see what we've all got to look forward to!

There's a link on Sarah's sidebar, but definitely take the time to scroll down and enjoy her bright and happy blog.

To celebrate the launch of Sewn, I'm giving away a set of each of the new Spring 2009 Late Bloomer Quilts patterns (including the two designs by Pam) as well as a copy of my book, just in case any of you are new to machine blanket stitch applique.

So that's 8 patterns and a book which should keep the winner busy for at least a little while.

The drawing will be held on June 8 to coordinate with the launch of Sewn.
Good luck!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

they grow up so fast...

Yeah, I know...I promised you all a giveaway next, but when I looked outside this morning some things came together...a heartwarming moment...

...followed by the realization that I could potentially embarrass a loved one. So here's another post.

I can relate a little bit to Mama Bird...our nest will soon be roomier, too.
Seems like yesterday Nick looked like this...

...cute and sweet and with a nicely limited vocabulary.

Fast forward to Monday, his 20th birthday...

All tired out from a tough day behind the checkstand. He'll be moving out this summer to be with his girlfriend who is transferring to a UC further up the state. I'm very excited for them--it's sure to be a wonderful adventure.

I'll be left with one son still at home--wondering how it happened that I now have two sons in their 20s.

And contemplating what color I'll be painting Nick's room! Pink, perhaps? That would be a new experience!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I love pears. I love their shape and their many colors. You won't catch me actually eating one though. Bleh.
Pears are also great shapes for applique--nice and curvy but with no tiny bits to stitch around.

A few months ago, I designed a pattern using RJR's "Momma's Apron Strings" fabric line and before Market they asked if I'd make some things in the green and orange colorway for their booth.
So I redid the quilt and then thought it would be fun to throw some pears around.

Here's what I did with Pam's tote bag pattern...I eliminated the flower pin and instead appliqued pears and added rick rack.

I do believe I'll be taking this bag with me next time I go to the grocery store.

I love embellished teatowels, so this next project was lots of fun...just some strips of fabric and another couple of scraps big enough for pears.

I thought you might enjoy tossing some pears around on your own things, so I'm providing the applique shape and some dishtowel instructions for you--over there, on the right. Hope you have fun with it.

You may need to be patient...this pdf takes awhile to load.

Next up will be a giveaway--Melvin is already resting up for it!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

quilts and people and stuff

I'll try not to gloat too much--but how many places are out there where you can meet with friends and see wonderful new things? That's Quilt Market.

I know you've seen lots of pics of the Minick and Simpson booth and there's a good reason for that--it was wonderful! I've designed a couple of patterns using their fabrics before and Pam has stitched up a couple of bags using their new "Wiscasset"
line and they both looked really elegant.

Here's Pam getting all giddy over the vintage cherry fabric that Laurie gave her.

Next up was Miss Rosie's booth, where yes, Pam got another gift.

I just love Carrie's patterns...I own several and have even begun a couple. Which will be finished someday. Really. Carrie has blogged about losing her voice and it's no wonder...everyone wants to stop by and talk to her! I wanted better shots of her booth but every time I tried to go back it was filled with customers.

Had to stop and swoon at the Fig Tree booth...Joanna has done it again--each Market I think her latest is the best, but I've been wrong each time. This one is: "Mill House Inn".

Can't wait to get my hands on it. Nicole already has--just look at how gorgeous this quilt is!Joanna is famous for her very unique palette, but you probably don't know the lengths to which she will go. I can tell you that even her lunch consists only of the Fig Tree colors--the lettuce in her salad was just the right green, and the croutons, chicken, and dressing coordinated as well. I really wanted to take a picture, but she wouldn't let me.
See that gorgeous hatbox Joanna made? She got quite creative with it while I was there but again, she wouldn't let me take a picture. What's up with that.
She did permit me to take her picture with Pam.

Another favorite booth is always Kay's. Yes, she's got terrific new patterns and I'm vowing to make each one. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, I'm sure she'd love to punch me every time I go on and on about how freaking adorable she is, but isn't she?? I mean, really! Here she is modeling her new "Catherine Coat" out of the new French General fabric...the details are amazing--look at the buttons! I do believe that's the "Sabrina Tunic" she's wearing underneath.

Kay wanted you to see the detail on the back of the coat--that's just one of the many variations in the pattern.

The convention center was divided in half, with quilts displayed in the middle. When I've had a booth I've never had a chance to see the exhibits, so this was a nice treat. Here's a couple of my favorite quilts from the Country Living Classics exhibit:

"Red Owls" by Karin Peirce

and "Wild Geese" by Joan Leahy Blanchard. I've always been especially drawn to quilts like this one--my favorite part of quilt making is working with picky little pieces.

Final pic is of some goodies I picked up while walking the aisles...I adore these vintage buttons--I SO should have gotten a few more.

Stopped by Holly's booth--I'm glad it's been thoroughly blogged because I didn't think to get a photo--the new line of fabric is just beautiful. As is this chocolate bar, which I'm relieved didn't melt on the way home. (It was 108 degrees here on Sunday!!)

I think that pretty much covers it from here...but stay tuned because there will be giveaways and kit information coming soon.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To market, to market!

First of all you'll have to excuse the quality of the photos here. Unlike SOME people, I do not have a fancy camera. But we'll make do, right?

and I stayed outside of downtown Pittsburgh...about a half hour away. Neither one of us had ever been here before and we were both pleasantly surprised. Somehow I'd imagined a grimy old industrial city...if it's there, we sure didn't see it. Coming into the city from the airport we drove thru lots of lush, green open space. As soon as you get thru the tunnel, you're in a different world--and it really is quite lovely.

Bridges everywhere...and the water was so sparkly and smooth.

I love it when you can find design inspiration while sitting in a car.

Heading back to the hotel is where I got my biggest shock...can you believe this???

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

behind the scenes

I do have plenty of fun things to share about Pittsburgh, but thought I'd start with a couple of fun photos I was able to take on Saturday. You know, before I spent the rest of the day in the trunk of a Chrysler...

I don't need to tell you that not one bit of our movie was rehearsed or scripted. All done by the normally thread-covered seats of our pants!

Here's Pam "lying in wait" for Anne to come out of the restroom.

And here's Anne, in the parking garage, fancy camera at the ready.

And here's our intrepid director at work.

It was crazy fun, but I'm thinking we might be better off having a booth next time?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

airplanes and aprons

So at the time this post hits my blog, Pam and I should be on our way to Pittsburgh. VERY early, as in getting up at 3 a.m. early.
Another thing that has hopefully happened is my project for the Moda Bake Shop!
I just love aprons and this one was lots of fun to do...and the detachable pocket comes in especially handy for me, as you can see!

Next up, Market photos! Can't wait to see all the new stuff and can't wait to share it all with you!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Counting down the hours

So now that most of the work has been done, it's time to tie up a few loose ends. Like fold up the new quilts that are staying at home and putting them away so that a certain someone

won't feel tempted to sleep on them. Or spray hair on them. Or both.

I am also thinking it would be lots of fun to make a garment. You know, before Pam and I get on the plane at the crack of dawn on Thursday. So far it's mostly fun to just think about that.

Monday, May 11, 2009

special day

So did everyone have a great Mother's Day?
Mine was very low-key, spent at home working, feeling a bit like our new front porch tenant, except I imagine I feel more of a sense of accomplishment than she does right now.
Nice to have all 3 sons at home...and Jane enjoys that as well.

She absolutely adores Eric and he loves all the attention (and has learned to always keep a spare shirt on hand when Jane gets a little too excited.) With everyone's schedules that means Mother's Day is spread out a bit...lunch out on Friday with Eric, lunch out today with Nick.
Yesterday Jeff washed my car and Nick's girlfriend Kari gave me the prettiest pink roses and my husband bbqd dinner.

One of the things I took care of was updating my website with the new patterns so I hope you'll pop over there for a look. There are a couple of quilts (and you'll know which ones!) that will need to be re-photographed when we return from Pittsburgh, but I wanted you to get a look at the new stuff as soon as possible.

Hello again! I've fixed the link to my I want to make sure you all know that Hopscotch and Sew Frilly are designed by Pam!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Taking a break!

Whew! There's still lots to do before we leave next week, but sometimes you just have to get out for a bit.
This morning Pam and I headed for Daly City to the super awesome Daiso store.
I was determined to be brave and not grab a shopping basket--if I couldn't carry it in my hands, it would have to stay on the shelf. Even though pretty much everything is $1.50, when you get enough useless goodies, the total at the register can be rather shocking.
Anyway, would you like to see some of the things I found??

Check out these clothespins!

And this is TAPE!! Beautiful, rose covered TAPE!! Who knows how well it sticks...who cares?

Speaking of tape, how adorable are these little tape dispensers? I'm a sucker for tiny things like that. I love the "OK" stamp...I'll have to find out what the one in the middle says. Maybe I can use it.

Here's an adorable Cath Kidston-esque paper lantern. Couldn't pass that up.

Finally, when you go to Daiso, be sure to have some quarters for the Hello Kitty vending machine!

P.S. Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek at my new patterns featuring the newest Lecien fabrics.

Friday, May 01, 2009


thanks, Pam!
It's exactly what I'd asked for.

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