Tuesday, June 30, 2009

a cool summer skirt can change your life!

Have you been over to Pam's yet? If not, it's ok with me if you skip it today. It's a very silly post and it might be best to avoid it.

So you can skip Pam, but don't skip the Moda Bake Shop! There's a wonderful skirt pattern there and it was so much fun and easy to make and awesomely swirly twirly to wear. I'm planning on making several...I'll just have to stop before I become known as the Neighborhood Granny Skirt Lady. Although I'm sure I've been called worse!

Pam takes her photography very seriously...and we spent a fair amount of time looking around Livermore to find olive trees--since that's the theme of the Santorini line.

As usual, we ended up getting rather silly. One of us more than the other, I'm afraid...we started thinking of The Sound of Music and romping thru meadows and the like...and I got to thinking about the scene where Maria makes play clothes for the children out of draperies...so what else could I do but make play clothes for MY children out of the scraps?

Turns out Jane doesn't mind this dress at all (previous attempts at garment wearing had been less than successful). It was a shock--she was totally fine with it and appreciated the opportunity to rub her tummy on the cool grass.

Pam is now a little afraid that I'll make more Jane outfits and soon become one of THOSE women...

Melvin's custom collar was a success as well...it's the first garment I've ever made for him and taking into account his plus-sized frame made for a more comfortable collar.

So I took the kids to the park and had lots of fun*!

Then we went back to my house where there was more shade.

And yes, it's the park that's right by my house and yes, there were other people there.**

*No, Melvin didn't really go down the slide...

**It sure seemed like all the people there wouldn't be paying any attention to what we were doing, but one lady did tell me she saw me "dancing in the park" and that it "was sure pretty!" in that soft, quiet voice you use when speaking to someone who is clearly deranged and you don't wish to upset them.

Hope we don't have to sell the house over this.

Anyway, so go make yourself a skirt and see how goofy it makes you!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

fig pig

Yes, as Pam has already reported, yesterday was a fun day. I spent quite a few hours playing with new Moda precuts under Pam's "guidance". Perhaps more accurately, she bossed me around, kept up with her peeps on her sidekick, and I worked.

And gave her pie.

But in all seriousness, it was a lot of fun and we're both looking forward to showing you what we've come up with! Since it's a Moda Bake Shop project, the unveiling will be over there...and hopefully real soon. Pam did take pity on me (sort of) and took the project home to do one of the finishing up steps.

So I can't show you what I worked on yesterday, but I can show you what I made over the weekend!

Pam finds the coolest stuff on etsy, and when she sent me the link to this pattern I knew I would have to make a Melvin block!

Haven't done paper piecing in years...it's fun, but not something I'd want to do every day. This particular block has over 80 pieces, which I'm thinking may possibly be more than the original Melvin has. I wanted him to work somehow in my Sisboom Room, but it was obvious the pig fabrics would have to come from someplace else.

So again I've been saved by one of my favorite fabric designers! Thanks, Joanna, for making Melvin a part of your palette!

I'll have to find better eyes for him--these aren't quite right but it's what I had on hand.

So it's back upstairs for me today to take care of a couple of little bonus features for our latest creation!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

out and about

I've had a couple of great trips with Pam that I just have to share. Pam had gotten an email from Becky that she'd put some new goodies in her space at Remember When, and so what else could we do but leap into my car and head on out there?

By this time Pam and I could find Becky's stuff blindfolded...and we've both vowed to recreate her home in ours piece by beautiful piece! I found the perfect lamp for my Sisboom Room, among other things. I'll share everything at some point, but it gets a little embarrassing to lay it all out at once. Becky had a darling shade with the lamp, but I think they'll need to be separated.

We were lucky enough to run into Becky while we were there (figuratively speaking, of course. I feel the need to point that out since I was the one driving, after all...)

She told us that we must go to the Green Pea over in Escalon on our way home. It would have been rude to do anything else, right?

These pics were taken the following day since I had to have my husband come back with me--I needed his little truck.

The Green Pea is in an amazing building--it's a pleasure to just stroll thru it.

What's this? How perfect a little table is this! And yes, it's SOLD, but that's OK, because it was sold to me!
My husband did ask if I was going to repaint that pink drawer. Silly man!

Sandi the owner has an amazing collection of crochet and it's everywhere.

Unfortunately not for sale, but inspiring nonetheless. I found a few other goodies there as well which I'll show off some one of these days.

Here's Sandi giving another customer her undivided attention while at the same time attempting to find a place to put all the things I keep handing her!

So that was our trip inland, and yesterday Pam and I headed out toward the Bay. I'd seen this frame on a blog (can't remember where) and I knew I had to get one--I have plans, you see.

I was surprised to learn that the frame is from IKEA--not what I picture when I think of that place. I checked their website and supposedly our closest store had 10. Pam knows me so well--she knew that I was busy imagining other ladies wanting their own and the countdown going 9,8,7,6...so she told me to meet her at Starbucks and we'd head on over there.

Here's a confession: I'd never been to an IKEA before!
I'm still reeling!
I'd always pictured the sleek, modern stuff and had no idea how many things they make that I'd love to bring into my home!

I bought a few things for Nick to take with him when he moves but also found a few things for myself.

I love love love this pillow...and what looks like giant boxer shorts? That's the new bedskirt for the Sisboom Room. It may get some embellishment, but hey, I can't make one for $14.99!!
And how about that fleece throw? How cute are those scallops! I figure I'll slap some applique on that--and it was only $3.99!!
I could not believe all the stuff and the prices. Pam could have just recorded herself saying "YES, I KNOW", it would have been easier for her.

So now it's back to sewing and painting and planning and oh yeah, resting...that is what the doctor said to do.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

shrugs and pears and things

I've gotten questions regarding my shrug...it's the "Florence" shrug in this book

by Rowan. I didn't use the yarn called for in the book--I don't yet trust my skills for the pricey yarn, so mine's a cotton/acrylic blend, which worked fine and was considerably less expensive.

And it seems that I've really confused a few of you regarding the pear teatowel tutorial.

In my original post I told you to go "over there on the right" to get to the pdf. Well, it WAS over there at the time I posted, just like it's "over there on the right" today. But won't be a few posts from now.
So just look at the top of the page...on the right, and you'll find the handy dandy button.

Maybe you aren't into pears OR shrugs...well, have you seen this book? It's so cool, mainly because it's the size of a paperback book! If you're a decorating magazine fiend like me, you've probably seen many of the photos already, but here they are all gathered together in a neat, compact package.

Finally, if you ever have a question for me, please email me at latebloomerquilts@yahoo.com. More often than not, blogger doesn't give me a way to answer you directly when you ask me something in your comment, and then I feel bad...honest, I'm not ignoring you, I just can't find you!

Monday, June 15, 2009

feverishly working

It's been fun starting work on the Sisboom Room...I'm really enjoying playing with all those different bright prints. I'm also slowly gathering other items to go into the room and can't wait to really get started. It's bittersweet, of course, because it's going to be mighty strange to not have Nick around all the time.

Finally got my sweater finished, too! I was really uneasy about it for awhile...it looked like a funky rectangle for the longest time. It was almost too easy to make (altho please don't look too closely--the stitches are wonky in several places) and crossed the line from "relaxing" to "tedious" on several occasions so I think the next sweater will have a bit more going on.

So last week I just wasn't feeling quite right...it's been a bad allergy year and I was hoping my doctor could recommend a better allergy medication. To my amazement I was told that I was running a fever and was diagnosed with a sinus infection and both ears were infected as well. So now I'm on antibiotics and am trying to take it a bit easier.

I did get a special treat from my husband--he'd been out pruning in the backyard and discovered this abandoned nest in the jungle along the back fence. He knew I'd love it and I certainly do! It's now in my vintage birdcage on my front porch. Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Mourning Dove can get some tips from it--they're back on their nest again since their first set of babies took off. If you aren't familiar with these birds, the nest pretty much consists of 2 sticks and the flower pot--which is better than a few I've seen, since some of these birds wouldn't bother with the addition of the flower pot!

Hope this is the start of a great week for everyone--and be sure to allow yourself time to take it easy as well!

Monday, June 08, 2009

we have a winner!

I didn't have the heart to ask this guy to help since there were just too many entries this time.

I know lots of people use random number generators, but that would be one more thing I'd have to figure out so I came up with my own version.

I sent a text message to each of my 3 sons, asking them to give me a number between 1 and 173. I figured I would then take those numbers and calculate the average and that would be ever so random.

Here's how it worked out:

Jeff responded with "0", either because he'd rather be funny than helpful or to demonstrate just how badly we Scotts are with math.

Nick did not respond at all because his phone is dead, which sadly, is typical for him.

So Eric ended up picking the winner--even tho he of all people shouldn't have responded since he's supposed to be working.

Congratulations to Barbara York! Please send your address to me at latebloomerquilts@yahoo.com and I'll get your goodies out to you right away!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009


If you want to find bright colors at my house, you really have to head out to the back yard. While I love the brights, I seem to gravitate toward the softer colors and my home reflects that.

So I got to thinking about Nick's room...and how it would be fun to do some sewing for it this summer so I can be ready to decorate when he's ready to move out.
Anyway, I was doing lots of fabric thinking and have decided to do a Sisboom Room! I am totally excited about this--it'll be lots of fun and of course it requires that I go out and purchase things. Like fabric even!

I have a few bits of Sisboom left over from this project...but need to add lots more.
I'd never ordered from Fabritopia before and I have to say I really recommend it! The fabric arrived super quick--and when they didn't have enough of the embroidered trim to fill my order, they tossed in some of these cool lace pieces which is actually a lot more fun than the full order of the one piece would have been.

I've decided to remake this pattern

--even tho I already made it twice for the pattern cover--it's so easy and I thought it would lend itself to this new idea.

So here's the new Sisboom pieces that just arrived--including a few from Jennifer's brand new line! The dot is from Tanya's French Hat Box line and will be perfect for the sashing.

I wanted to use black for the pinwheels so went to my stash...where I found no suitable black. Luckily Pam was up for a trip to Danville...where of course I found the black I wanted, as well as this cool pattern!

I can think of several color schemes that would be awesome for this tuffet--but I'll start with one for the Sisboom Room since it'll be least likely to have actual human feet on it.

Oh and by the way...The Quilter's Inn is having a class to make the tuffet so if you're in the SF bay area, you might just want to go do that.

Now that I've blogged about all this, I'll have to actually accomplish (some of) it! So I'll keep you posted.

Oh and if you haven't yet signed up for my giveaway, well scroll down a bit and leave a comment--there are still a few days left!

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