Saturday, December 29, 2007

Time to start catching up...

Yes, the day did finally arrive and Eldest Son Eric (the car guy) moved westward to his new digs. "Digs" would in fact be the appropriate word to use since the kid is living practically underground, but when you're first starting out you can't be too picky.

Here's Middle son Nick helping to load the truck with what used to be our kitchen chairs.

I followed along in my car since bouncing around in the 2 seater uhaul didn't hold much appeal.

Here's the first conversation after we arrived:
Nick: Where's Eric's bedroom?
Me: You're standing in it.
Nick: Uh...then where's his living room?
Me: You're standing in it.'s the gourmet kitchen!

And the awe-inspiring view...

The first neighbor he met seems friendly...

But the important thing is that he loves his new home! He's been trying to cook actual meals and has already learned how to clog his sink.

Turbo Pig moved in the following day and supposedly is doing fine. But I know he misses his Grammie.

Meanwhile, back at home...time to get my STUDIO set up!!
Wait. I'm just not sure I can give you a "before" shot of the's SO BAD. A room I've avoided stepping into for a loooong time...this isn't what blogs are supposed to show...we're all friends here, right?? Ok, deep breath...this is what I was left with.

But I arrived armed with a shop vac, paint chips, and a burning desire to have a space of my more on that to come!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

What a week!!

Could someone please explain just how it is that after my son moved out (taking quite a few of "our" things with him) we seem to have ended up with more crap in our house than we had before? I still haven't plowed through all of it yet. BUT, it's true, Santa is bringing me a room of my own!

Needless to say, that room has required a lot of cleaning...and painting...and so forth.

So yes, it's been quite chaotic here...but that's not why I've been away (and WOW do I miss visiting blogs!)...on Monday afternoon my laptop died. Again. So that meant taking a trip to the Apple store, at the Dreaded Mall, in a major rainstorm. Where the "genius" at the "genius bar" confirmed that it is indeed dead and will be headed off to Memphis for the holidays. So my wonderful dad decides to give me an early Christmas present--a new computer!! Yay!! So I end up going to pick it up later in the day, you know, in the afternoon at a major mall the week before Christmas. So I had to park pretty much out in Siberia--and did I mention the rainstorm?

But hey, it was so festive being one of what seemed like 500 other people at the Apple store...and they had my new computer all a giant box. With a handle that broke when I was about at the parking lot. Did I mention the rainstorm? Sigh.

Anyhoo, there are still some issues to be worked out, which is probably true with any new computer, but slowly it's learning how to do what I tell it to. If I ask really politely.

I've had lots to blog about but just haven't been able to do it.

So the easiest, and probably best thing for me to do is to share some more pics of our holiday decorations...

and to wish all of you a safe and wonderful Christmas!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Thank goodness for photo editing

It's not easy to photograph the Late Bloomer house these days...on a good day there are plenty of things to avoid capturing with the camera, but with getting Eric ready to move out there's barely a place to walk. The guy owns minimal furniture, about 50,000 CDs and an equal number of tshirts. And Turbo the pig, of course. Turbo's moving out and I'm awfully sad about that...

Anyway, so we've had to purchase MANY MANY items so he'll have the bare minimum to get started. And all of those essentials are piled up in the living room. In big boxes or Target bags, which most decidedly do NOT coordinate with my pink and aqua wonderland scheme.

So here are some snippets of what it's supposed to look like around here...

I'll try to get some pics of the tree in next is quite pretty, when you can get close enough to actually see it!

Monday, December 10, 2007

December in California

How are we supposed to be thinking Christmas when the roses are still blooming?

It has been so crazy around here--much as I'd love to just sit and, I mean QUILT. Yes. QUILT--that's the thing I do--I haven't had a chance.

It appears that (shhh...I don't want to jinx it) that Santa may be bringing me a sewing room for Christmas!! Yes, eldest son Eric (the car guy) may well be leaving the nest. Which means lots of stuff has been dumped all over the Late Bloomer Quilts domain in preparation for the Big Move West. I'd show you all a "before" shot of the room, but I can't bear to even go in it yet. It's that bad.

Anyhoo, here's a couple of shots of my bedroom semi-decked out for the season. Don't you just love Target? I love pretty much everything Rachel Ashwell has ever done and this stocking that just happens to coordinate with my bedding is no exception. I'm just a bit sad 'cause I learned way back when in design school that once something hits the discount stores it's OUT OF STYLE. Oh well, I've been called worse!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week--I'll update with bits as I can!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Again with the crochet!

It's true...I just can't stop.
Pam loaned me this neat Leisure Arts book thinking the edgings might be doable. Now I don't know who this Terry Kimbrough is, but I can tell you this much--she's been taking up way too much of my time lately. I wanted to make ALL of the little blankets--but I don't have anyone to make a little blanket for, so figured why not make a tree skirt instead.
Now promise not to look too closely, ok?

It turned out alright--it was supposed to have another row, but it was time to get the tree up. I'm already planning on making another one. With finer yarn probably. And better yarn...the really cheap stuff is too frustrating to deal with.

But what fun! And Presley loves it, too.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

We have a winner!

As usual, the time got away from me so the drawing didn't actually take place until this morning.
I so enjoyed reading all your comments--you're all the greatest! I'll have to find some more stuff to give away...

I briefly considered drawing a name myself, but that just wouldn't have been right. It was Turbo's turn, after all.

I had hoped to have him set up neatly on the fabric...and that he'd give me a chance to figure out a better camera angle so my ugly 1950's ironing board wouldn't show...but the appropriately named turbo-charged pig did not want to wait!

So Jan, please send your address to and your little purse will be on its way!

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