Wednesday, April 30, 2008

How did this happen??!!!

Tell me there's something wrong with my phone. And my fax machine. They say it's April 30th? IT CAN'T BE.

I've been spending so much time chained to my Bernina that I've MISSED almost an entire month?

Pam reminded me yesterday--in her cheeriest voice--that we're leaving for Portland in 2 weeks!

Am I even remotely close to being ready? That would be a NO.

I've missed a few things around here...never did get the yard cleaned up for spring but that didn't stop the roses from starting their magic. Had to really fight my way over here to see "Evelyn" in bloom...

Didn't get my hanging baskets planted out back...that was an upsetting thing for our resident mourning doves to deal with, but they adapted by actually building a sturdy nest in a more reasonable place.

Many things have been blooming up in the studio, however...
And Melvin has been enjoying the nonstop company.

You'll be hearing lots more from me in know, starting TOMORROW...since there are lots of quilts being finished up and Market preparations are in full swing. Hope you all are doing well--I haven't been on a single blog in weeks!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The theme is...


Nah, not exactly real babies, but you'll see what I mean.
Like "Cherry Baby" by LakeHouse Dry Goods, which even after several previous project is just so much fun to play with!

And Eldest Son Eric (the car guy) brought Turbo over for a few days so he could go visit his gf in Santa Barbara. Yes, Turbo is like a baby. Eric had requested that I bathe him and trim his nails--the least pleasant aspects of Pig Maintenance.

He initially wasn't too sure about hanging out with Grampa, but he totally remembered me and we had a great time! He was a good sport about the bath, too. And he smells ever so much better now.

He and Melvin pretty much ignored each other so we had lots of time to cuddle. I know, it's darn strange, but what can I say?

Now it's full-on Power Sewing for the rest of the month.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Not so great at time management...

Honestly. Here it is, mere WEEKS away from Spring Quilt Market and what have I been doing? Shopping with Pam. Eating lunch with Pam. Driving Pam around (but hey--when I drive we get places faster.)
Well, today I decided I should do some working. Indeed I should! I've got quilts still to make, instructions to write, and so on.

I started my work day by gathering the quilts that will soon be on their way to Oregon for a trunk show at Traditions Quilt Shop in Baker City. One of the items that will travel is a Little Purse designed of course by Pam.

That got me thinking. I don't actually have a Little Purse for Spring. I've got a darling new jacket from Anthropologie, and nothing to go with it! Will making a purse help me in any way toward getting ready for Market? Certainly not! Is it imperative that I do so anyway? Yes!

So I gathered some pretty fabrics, and you have to admit, Lecien makes some of the very prettiest, and off I went.

I've made so many of these little bags that it didn't take long at all. I used a vintage French button (acquired on a trip with Pam) and some vintage French trim (acquired on a different trip with Pam) and I'm quite pleased with the result! I used a little bit of glue to help those buttons because quite frankly, I suck at sewing on buttons, and now I can get back to the real work.

Of making quilts and showing you sneak peeks of them.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Do not attempt!

To thwart Pam, that is.

Awhile back, Pam got the coolest thing...a frog spitter. Not sure if she ever posted about it, but I've wanted one ever since she first discussed getting a frog spitter. I also like to just say "frog spitter", especially since turns out people tend to not know what on earth you're talking about. Frog Spitter.

So anyhoo, in case you don't know this, Pam knows where to find pretty much anything. You can order a frog spitter online, but for real savings, you need to go to the source.
Last week, after dropping off my husband and Jeff at the Oakland airport, I drove back to Livermore to meet up with Pam. We got into her car (someday one of us will have to explain why Pam always drives)and drove up to 98th Ave in Oakland, which coincidentally, is where the Oakland airport is. Go figure. Anyway, a few twists and turns later, we're in front of Art Craft Statuary. Which really isn't a store, it's where they make the stuff. Like statues missing heads (guess I was absent that day in Art History), and huge fountains, etc. And frog spitters.

We had to wait awhile because my frog spitter arrived fresh from the...the...whatever you call the big place where frog spitters are made. He had to be cleaned, sanded, and given his spitting tube.

Next we went to Lowe's to gather the additional supplies. I was having a Bad Day and Pam's so experienced, so I left everything in her hands. Saw her locate the pump which specified the 1/2" tubing that we needed and into the cart it went. Along with the other items: the tubing itself, and a big pot.
We get home and discover that the pump requires 3/8" tubing. How can that be? We both SAW her get the right pump!
So back to Lowe's we go. Where we find an adapter kit. Pam, not wanting to take any chances, opens the kit and tries it out on the sample pump that's on display. It fits perfectly, so I purchase it as well as a cool water plant and a tacky fake lily pad and back home we go.
Only to discover that the adapter does NOT fit.
Off Pam goes to the hardware store...where she figures someone will help her. No such luck but she comes back with some different tubing stuff and voila! I have a fountain!

I'd really hoped to surprise Husband with the amazing water feature we now have, but he's not really into frog spitters, it seems.
He's also noticed that my pot seems to have a leak.
Indeed it does. But we'll face that on another day. Like when Spring decides to come back and I'm not shivering in my long sleeves.

But our cold gray day is appropriate, I suppose, when working on Christmas quilts. Here's a peek at an upcoming pattern. I love these little Smores guys!

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