Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Better late than never...

I'd sure hoped to have my website updated long before now...but all the "new" patterns are on there today. I'd be so pleased to have you go to Late Bloomer Quilts and have a look!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Anybody want to see some pretty fabric?

I sure hope so, 'cause a big 'ol box of it arrived on my front porch yesterday. Forget about ice cream and chocolate sauce, well, I don't really mean that--but gorgeous new fabric is the key to getting the rotary cutter spinning again.

If you aren't familiar with Paris Bebe fabrics, you must drop everything and go to Robin's website. I LOVE EVERYTHING SHE DOES. And you can order from her site! Which is something I really suggest you all do.

I have to apologize for being such a lousy photographer...I figure it's genetic. All part of why I can't get fudge sauce to thicken or begonias to bloom.

But you'll get the idea.

Let's start with this group. That wonderful floral with the white bkgd will be the border for a quilt that's been sitting here waiting for it to arrive. The little pink floral will be in a coordinating pillow...and the red? Well, Robin sent it along figuring I might like it. Uh, good guess, Robin!
I adore that border print...it will find a home in several places including the pink/aqua Christmas quilt I mentioned awhile back. I would love some ornaments that look like that.

Can't get enough aqua. Seriously. The rose swag will be the border for a remake of my Simple Spring Rosebuds quilt with the leftover bits going straight into the Christmas quilt. As will the other piece beside it.

The vintage look floral is for another quilt border...and I'm loving the Paris Bebe, uh, "bebes"...check out the subtle polka dots...but I haven't quite figured that one out yet. The green was another surprise I found in the box.

Now here was a huge treat...isn't this GORGEOUS? Robin had a little snippet of fabric to show customers at Spring Market but that was it. She knew I'd love it and I do. It will make a very special border on a very special quilt that I haven't thought up yet. But you can bet it will have roses...

So I've got the worktable cleared off...the iced tea brewing...and things will be happening! Including more frequent blog-posting...sorry about that but good grief has it ever been dull around here.

Here's to an energy-filled week for all of us!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cat Days of Summer

Don't know why exactly, but it has been SO HARD to get anything quilt related finished. Or started, for that matter. I think Presley has the right idea--this is how he's been spending much of his time--it's either in that chair (which is MY chair), or in a basket next to the sewing machine. On his back. He looks a lot like the other members of this household--we've all become slugs.

But Quilt Market is approaching...AGAIN...and stuff has to get made. Even if I don't feel like it. Which I really don't.

So in keeping with the Christmas in July concept (which I've never really understood), I actually did plug my sewing machine in today. I love the whole retro Christmas style and hope it hangs around for awhile. This project is fun and really easy. The ornaments will get some rick rack trim and the little hook thingies will hopefully get embroidered tonight--if I can find some house flipping shows on tv. Been loving watching those lately.

I also can't seem to get enough of the pink and aqua color combo so I'm going to do a second Christmas ornament quilt using these fabrics. I won't be doing more embroidery, but I'll have fun with the ornaments and maybe pull out my drawer full of fancy ribbon trims for those. Who knows--it may end up too bizarro to show anyone, but I'm kind of looking forward to giving it a try.

But first I believe a nap is in order.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Has anybody seen my Muse?

I could blame it on the heat. And I have. But the horrible heat has moved eastward to torture others.
Regardless of the excuses I make (too many teenage males?) the fact remains that I just don't feel like making stuff. I've got stacks of fabrics waiting, but so far not much is happening.

When I was a kid, my mom would make an amazing hot fudge sauce. It was thick and rich and would brighten up the darkest mood. The leftover sauce would be poured into a tiny pyrex container and placed in the refrigerator. The next day it would have thickened and become almost fudge-like. We'd pull it out of the fridge for lunch dessert and make sure it was divided EXACTLY in half. We'd then eat it with a spoon.

I pulled out that old recipe last night. I don't know what happened--it never did thicken up like I remember it, but it tasted the same. Like heaven. If anything's gonna bring my muse out of hiding, this should do it.

If anyone out there wants to give it a try, just melt 2 squares of unsweetened chocolate with 2 tablespoons of butter over low heat. Stir in 2/3 c sugar and 1/2 c evaporated milk. Continue cooking and stirring until the sugar dissolves and the sauce thickens. Or kinda-sorta thickens, in my case. Add a little vanilla.

Thursday, July 05, 2007


If there was no such thing as roses, these would be my favorite garden flowers. I love the blooms--the only downside is when they become like giant weeds by the end of summer, but they're worth it. I've got lots of penstemon in several colors in both the front and back yards. I decided to take this picture before everything turns crisp and brown from the unrelenting HEAT we've been having.

Ah, but we Northern California gals have dry heat, right? True. But I firmly believe that once you reach a certain level of discomfort, it really doesn't matter how dry or humid the air is. Or how hot it is once you get past the low 100's. It was 109 here yesterday...I don't know what the high was today and I really don't want to find out. Eldest son the car guy said it was 122 degrees in the shop where he's a technician. So I shouldn't complain about being inside an air conditioned house. BUT I WILL AND HERE IT COMES.

So even with the a/c running and even with a ceiling fan directly above me (which reminds me--my vent-gnawin' friend has been absent the last couple days--hope he's found someplace cool!) IT'S TOO HOT TO QUILT. It just is! But gotta feel productive, right?

So here are some blocks I've messed around with...Robin of Paris Bebe has designed some wonderful retro Christmas fabric and I was hoping that the Santa-theme of the project would make me feel cooler. It didn't.

Hmmm...what else to do... Here's a thought...I could make up kits! There are only 2 of 'em due to fabric availability, but if you're wanting to make "Follow Your Heart" exactly like the pattern cover, or in the darling yellow version you can see on Pam's blog, you can get them here. The finished quilt is 21" x 29", altho Pam's version is a little smaller since she didn't use a hanky.

The kit includes all fabric for the top except the binding and the hanky. I've included the wool felt for the tag and a preprinted fabric strip for the lettering.

The kit costs $20 plus $4.60 for postage. And an additional $9.95 if you need the pattern.
The kits are first come, first served, so email me at latebloomerquilts@yahoo.com and tell me which colorway you'd like. And I can send them out right away and we'll just cross our fingers that cotton doesn't melt.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

It was fun!!

I know Pam has already discussed the book signing, as has sweet Sandy...but I've got to talk about it as well.

It was no surprise that Leslie and Melissa had worked their magic on the shop...it looked wonderful. While I would have been more comfortable sitting in a little corner out of view, it worked out very well.
The backdrop was "Garden Fresh" from the book and on the table is the "R is for Rose" quilt top Pam made--and the kits sold out FAST, but I believe more fabric is on order (and In Between Stitches does ship, in case anyone out there is interested in a kit.)

Here's the "Sweet Dreams" baby quilt from the book surrounded by darling gift items and fabric.

Then there was my concern that no one would show up...but we had a really nice turn out--with some of my very favorite customers! It was great to see Sandy and so flattering that she wanted a copy of my book because after all, she's written a gorgeous book herself.

And my all-time favorite girl showed up--that would be Frankie, of course!

And did I mention cake?

OH YEAH. Super good cake. With amazing frosting. I heard several people threatening to just slurp the frosting right off--it was THAT good. Glad they controlled themselves otherwise I wouldn't have been able to have THREE PIECES. (Did I just admit that?)

There was one customer who kept following people around with fork in hand...hoping that someone out there didn't want their frosting.

Anyway, it was great except for when my camera died. I really wanted to get a pic of Pam in her amazingly adorable yellow polka dot dress--made from the kind of fabric that makes you just want to grab your rotary cutter and slice border-sized strips right off her body (hey, she was wearing a slip!)

So thanks to everyone who was a part of that terrific day!

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